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Course Description: This course will give students a broad introduction to the fundamental elements of the humanities, including disciplines such as art, music, literature, and philosophy. Students will be guided by the question: Why do human beings use reason, creativity, and certain literary art forms (like expressionism, surrealism, satire, poetry, drama, and narrative) to express what it means to be human? This course focuses on how human beings creatively investigate the big questions of life: What does it mean to exist? Why do we struggle politically? What is the good or happy life? What is beauty?


Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, successful students will:

  • Have a broad grasp of the genres and styles used in modern art and music
  • Understand how modern authors and poets communicate through different writings styles and techniques
  • Have grasped fundamental philosophical problems about ethics, truth, knowledge, and beauty
  • Know the role the humanities plays in their education
  • Develop critical reasoning and thinking skills