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Complaint Resolution and External Oversight

WVC has policies and procedures in place to address student complaints and concerns.  These are detailed in the WVC Student Handbook, which is available through the website, from the Student Programs office on the Wenatchee campus, or in Omak from the Student Resource Center.


In the event that an issue is not resolved through college processes, there are two external agencies with oversight over WVC. 


WVC is authorized as a degree-granting institution by the Washington Student Achievement Council.  The WSAC web page, Protecting Education Consumers, states:

Students who believe they have lost tuition and fees as the result of unfair business practices by institutions authorized by the Council should outline their concerns and send them with contact information to Examples of unfair business practices include misrepresenting faculty qualifications or making false claims in a college catalog.


WVC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.  The Commission website states:

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities considers complaints regarding member or candidate institutions only when the reported conditions are substantially documented and are related to the Commission's eligibility requirements, standards, and policies. Complaints must be submitted in writing with an original signature of the complainant and addressed to the President.


The Commission assumes no responsibility for adjudicating isolated individual grievances; however, it may investigate individual complaints and reports to determine whether they reflect conditions within an institution that affect the quality of its programs or are detrimental to the general welfare. Before considering a complaint against a member or candidate institution, the Commission requires evidence that all relevant institutional grievance procedures have been exhausted. Complaints reviewed by the Commission are judged against the Commission's accreditation criteria in accordance with Policy A-14 Complaints Regarding Member or Candidate Institutions.


The Commission interprets its complaint procedures to defer to courts when litigation is instituted over the same issue brought to the Commission by a complainant. This shall be Commission procedure unless a preliminary review by Commission staff of the complaint and the institution's response clearly indicates serious non-compliance with a Commission standard.