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BUS 196_296

Business Cooperative Work Experience
If you are interested in arranging work (paid or unpaid) to count as college credits, BUS196/296 may be right for you.  
The documents you need are located to the left.  Click on "Cooperative Work Experience Documents."  Here's a description of each:
  • status: This is the document used for tracking the progress of your work experience.  Before obtaining instructor permission, be sure you complete the top half of this page and all the necessary documents within the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • coopwkexppackage:  This explains the cooperative work experience process and requirements, and includes all the forms mentioned below.
    • coopwkguidelines:  This is page 1-2 of the package described above and gives an overview of the process.
    • statepurpose:  This is the form for describing your statement of purpose.
    • applic_learnagree:  This is the form you need to get started.  All the information needs to be completed, as well as the necessary signatures (student, employer, instructor) obtained within the first two weeks of the quarter.
    • learningobj: This is the form and suggestions for documenting your learning objectives.  An employer signature is also required.
    • employereval:  This is the form for your supervisor to complete near the conclusion of the quarter.
    • studenteval: This is the form for the student to complete near the conclusion of the quarter.
    • finalreportguide: These are the instructions for completing the four-page final report.