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Mission Statement

Making the critical difference in academic success

The mission of the WVC libraries is . . .

to provide the Wenatchee Valley College Community with an information-rich,
culturally vibrant and comfortable environment that supports teaching, learning
and the development of an informed citizenry.

Our values are simply stated; they guide us when new situations arise or our policies and procedures aren't working for someone:

Equality -- Privacy -- Empowerment -- Flexibility -- Access -- Excellence -- Service -- Intellectual Freedom -- Honesty -- Generosity -- Fairness -- Inclusion -- Respect 


Let us know how close you think we are to achieving our vision:

The WVC libraries provide a home for all who seek wisdom, pursue scholarship or strive for intellectual growth, or simply follow their curiosity. All of the activity revolves around reading, learning and support for teaching. The buildings provide attractive space that feels open, accessible and substantial; the space makes you feel that your studies are deep and meaningful.

The libraries provide and use very good technology and you can always find the information you need from wherever you are. Their online presence is “always on” and provides quick results, and they have information in both traditional and online formats, from books and magazines to streaming content and databases. The services are quick, efficient and free, and they’re thoughtful, too: just when you think of something you need, you discover that the library already provides it!

While the main floor is often a busy, boisterous place, you can always find a quiet, peaceful and calming place to study, think or just rest. The space is thoughtfully laid out and furnished and is accessible and well-lit, so whether you’re working out an idea with a group, studying and reading alone, learning with a class or working with the staff, you can get right to work and work hard for a long time.

The libraries are more than just welcoming; the idea of going to the library is inviting; they’re glad to see you there! It’s easy to stretch intellectually there because the staff are teachers and partners, they’re also fun, creative, playful and easy to talk to, even adventurous; you’ll always leave feeling energized, with more ideas.