Fall Quarter 2021 (September 27 - December 16)

John A Brown Library, Wenatchee Campus: 
Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM
Saturday / Sunday

Omak Campus Library: 
Monday - Thursday
9AM - 5PM
Friday / Saturday / Sunday

We are happy to make special requests work whenever we can, please contact us if the hours above don't meet your schedule!  Either by email or by phone 509-682-6710 (Wenatchee); 509-422-7830 (Omak).

Library Access Hours:

The libary doors are open and you are welcome to visit during the hours listed above!

When you arrive at the library you will be required to complete an COVID-19 symptom attestation form.  We asked that you remain masked and maintain social distancing (3ft+) while on campus. If you would like to complete your attestation before you visit campus, please visit: http://apps.wvc.edu/attestation.

Curbside Checkout/Return Directions:

    • Contact the library to set up a day and time!
    • The pickup location is the back parking lot of the Library (Wenatchee: Off Ninth and Nelson, Omak: off Birch and Bartlett).
    • When you arrive in the parking lot call either Wenatchee: (509) 682-6710 or Omak: (509) 422-7830 and let our library staff know that you've arrived.
    • Please remain in your vehicle with your windows up. Please wear a mask or other face covering.
    • Present photo ID at your car window for our library staff to verify.
    • Staff will then place your library items in either the back seat or trunk of your vehicle, or pick up returns from you through a partially rolled down window. 

Reminder: the book returns and curbside hours are for library items ONLY. A good way to remember which is which is that if you've paid for your textbooks, they're bookstore books; if you've borrowed your books for free, they're library books! Bookstore textbook rentals need to be returned to the bookstore. The libraries CANNOT process bookstore rental returns. 

As always, you can use our after-hours book returns (Wenatchee: outside the fountain-facing entrance to the library, Omak: outside the entrance to Wendell George Hall, on the north end of the College) for library books and calculators. We ask that you return Chromebooks and/or class kits during our curbside hours. 


Contact the library!