Mary McIvor
Business Computer Technology Faculty 

I am one of the lucky people who actually loves what I do. Wenatchee Valley College at Omak is the ideal teaching environment for me. Itís a small, intimate community of learners and I enjoy getting to work directly with students who are in a transitional phase of their lives. Everyone at WVCO is working to change some aspect of their lives for the better. Itís a very stimulating place to be and I delight in helping my students successfully achieve their educational goals.

I started my educational career at Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California, and eventually transferred to Sonoma State University to complete a degree in Biology. While there, I discovered a pathway to teaching and continued on to UC Berkeley to pursue a teaching credential in Life Sciences.

My first fulltime teaching position was on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Whiteriver, Arizona. I lived on the reservation and taught high school sciences and mathematics for 7 years at Alchesay High School. Iím most proud of the fact that my tenure there contributed to a hands-on, lab-based curriculum for my students.

I left Whiteriver to return to school for an advanced degree and found myself drawn to Utah Stateís Instructional Technology program.I have lived most of my adult life in fairly rural places, so when the Internet emerged, I was one of the first to log on. Using technology to first learn, and then teach, came naturally to me.

After I received my degree, I moved to Nevada and worked for a nonprofit that specialized in employment-related training for displaced workers, low income adults, and probationary youth. Although I lived there for five years, Nevada always felt like a temporary layover while I tried to figure out where I wanted to settle permanently.

That place turned out to be Okanogan County, in North Central Washington state. I live with my husband, two cats, a dog, and several bee colonies on a 17‑acre farm in the Methow Valley. I enjoy gardening, beekeeping, music, reading, and many outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking in the summer and X-C skiing in the winter.

I began my employment at Wenatchee Valley College at Omak in the fall of 2006. As the only Business Technology faculty member on the Omak campus, I teach everything from keyboarding to Microsoft Office applications to Business Math. The BCT program challenges me to keep learning and growing professionally and offers my students valuable workplace skills.

Mary McIvor

June 2012


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