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Wenatchee Valley College                                             Wenatchi Hall  2332                                                                         

Rob Fitch, Biology Professor                                        682-6755                                            




COURSE & TITLE:  BIOL& 100 – Survey of Biology


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  An introductory course in the basic biological principles and processes for the non-science major.  The course includes a basic survey of cell biology, inheritance, reproduction, genetics, classification, evolution, ecology and principles of living systems.  The course is designed to give nonscience students a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of life in all its forms and to satisfy a natural science breadth requirement for completion of the AA degree.  Includes laboratory.



CREDIT AND HOURS:   5 credit hours:  Four 1-hour lectures & one 2-hour lab weekly.


TEXTBOOKS:    1. Campbell Essential Biology, 6th edition, Simon et al.  ISBN 978-0-13-391778-9


                            2. BIOL& 100 Laboratory Packet.


TEACHING METHODS:  Lectures, films, laserdisc, slides, videotapes, discussions, assigned readings and question-and-answer sessions will all be utilized.  Laboratory exercises are designed to familiarize students with techniques in a "hands-on" manner and to emphasize major concepts.


OFFICE HOURS:  Office hours are posted outside of my office in Wenatchi Hall 2332.  I am usually available Monday – Thursday from 7:00AM to 5:00PM unless I am in lecture or lab.  Please feel free to come in at any time and ask questions.



       1.  Basic knowledge of life at the ecological and organismal level.

       2.  An awareness of the major principles in biology.

       3.  A deeper appreciation of the diversity and complexity of life.

       4.  Familiarity and understanding of "headline" topics in biology.

5.    Experience in the proper use and understanding of selected

                   laboratory apparatus and procedures.



       Evaluation for this class will be based upon:

            Class exams (4 X 100 pts)        400 points

            Lab work                                    200 points

                                                               600 points total



       Grades are then earned according to the following scale (%):


       93 è 100 = A            83 è 87 = B              70 è 77 = C              60 è 65 = D

       90 è 92   = A-           80 è 82 = B-             68 è 69 = C-            <59 = F

       88 è 89   = B+          78 è 79 = C+            66 è 67 = D+         


CHEATING:  Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating, you will be given an “F” for the course.  Cheating includes (but is not limited to): copying someone’s answers on a test or quiz, letting someone copy answers from your test or quiz, copying someone’s assignment & calling it your own, letting someone copy your assignment, informing other students of quiz or test material, using assignments/reports/papers for this course which have been or will be used for this or other courses & plagiarism (copying information from a written or electronic source – such as the internet - without giving credit to the author).


ATTENDANCE AND CLASS POLICIES:  A complete lecture and laboratory schedule is attached for your convenience.  It is strongly recommended that you read the material for the day before coming to class.  Regular attendance in lecture & lab is necessary for the student to accomplish the goals of the course. Labs turned in late will be marked down 1 full grade for each school day they are late.   Any work missed due to absence must be discussed with me and be made up in a reasonable amount of time.  Examinations must be taken on the day they are scheduled unless arrangements are made with the instructor prior to the exam.  If you miss an exam without prior notice, you will receive a score of 0.  


As a courtesy to your classmates, all cell phones and portable electronic communication devices MUST be shut off and securely stowed during lecture and laboratory.


During the course, each student will be expected to actively participate in class and lab exercises and discussions, complete all lab experiments and home assignments in a timely manner, and ask lots of questions...we're all here to learn!  I have chosen Biology as my field of study because I find it fascinating, fun and very relevant to everyday life.  I hope that you, too, will be able to share in my enthusiasm for studying Biology as we together pursue the study of life over the coming quarter!


SPECIAL POPULATIONS OFFICE: The Disability Support Services Office has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, coach and assist students with disabilities.  If you receive services (or think you should) through that office and require accommodations for this class, make an appointment with me as soon as possible to discuss your approved accommodation needs.  Bring your Instructor Notification and Request form provided by the Special Populations Coordinator to the appointment.  I will hold any information you share with me in strictest confidence unless you give me written permission to do otherwise.  If you need a referral to that office or have further questions, I will be available to assist you.  The Special Populations Coordinator will require appropriate documentation of disability.  The use of that office is voluntary.