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Last modified at 3/31/2021 11:33 AM by Wendy Glenn

Registration FAQs

  1. How do I order a transcript?
    • *please visit, and it will direct you to our vendor, Parchment.
    • We have received several reports of users experiencing challenges when attempting to access unofficial transcripts.  No additional tickets are needed.  We have reported this to Application Services and are asking for escalation.
      • When a request is made, the system does not return a transcript and instead sits on “spin” for an indeterminate amount of time.  This is occurring when staff attempt to generate unofficial transcripts as well as when students are requesting transcripts through self-service (these are unofficial transcripts).
      • We know that with term-end (and year-end) students are actively attempting to access transcripts.  While some users are able to access without problem, this is not consistent.  We have identified one workaround:  a user actively experiencing this situation otherwise has had success when requesting through the Student Homepage using Firefox.
  2. How do I get my degree/diploma and/or apply for graduation?
  3. I have questions about Financial Aid, Scholarships, Cares funding…
  4. I need to pay my tuition…
  5. I need to talk to someone about advising…
    • *please visit MyWVC 2.0 to locate your advisor
  6. Students access the Academic Progress tile and may see a "You have not been assigned to an Advisor or to any Advising Committees." message in the Advisors section:
    • They would then need to reach out to Jaima Kuhlmann since she assigns advisors to students.
  7. Concern about being dropped from classes because can't make tuition payment:
    • Highly encourage them to call / inform the cashier... (internal notes: the reason to reach out to the cashier is because they have the "saving power" to prevent a student from being dropped, if students do not inform them, then they will more than likely be dropped)
  8. Payment kick out to login: Jason Hetterle needs all these details:
    • Name
    • Date/Time
    • ctcID
    • Browser
    • Did they clear cache?
    • At what step did it kick them out?
    • Did they try twice in the same browser?
    • If Chrome, was it in incognito mode?
    • Did they try Edge?
    • What was the end result?