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Last modified at 1/3/2018 5:23 PM by Hendrickson, Shane


Welcome to Chemistry 106, Drugs in Society, for fall 2017.  As we proceed, all of the class handouts will be found by following the links to the left. I strongly encourage you to download the material and review it prior to class.   Drugs in society is intended to meet the non-lab physical science distribution requirement at WVC and as such is modest in its rigor. However Chem 106 IS a chemistry class dealing with the fundamental basis of drug action and so some of concepts may appear complex. Your regular participation will alleviate much of the confusion. This is especially important given there is no textbook accompanying the course


The website from last quarter has been left in place and may be accessed via the link on my main page - use it as you see fit. In particular, there are numerous practice exams with keys to help you better target the information you are responsible for 


My aim is to provide you a more nuanced perspective on the role drugs, in all their forms, play in modern society, from the considerations that go into isolating, identifying and making them, to the effects they have on the body human, to the social and economic implications of drug use, both legitimate and clandestine. To date, the class has proven great fun and hopefully you will think so too. Check back often as I will be posting materials and reminders on a regular basis


  • Final grades have posted.  Thank you for an enjoyable quarter.  I hope your holidays are delightful.