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Last modified at 1/3/2018 4:59 PM by Hendrickson, Shane


  • Welcome to the Chemistry& 261 web page for fall 2017.   Organic Chemistry I is the first in a three quarter sequence in organic chemistry, intended primarily for university transfer into various science majors, and for those fulfilling requirements for professional health science careers such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.  Topics include structure, nomenclature, physical properties, and synthesis of the principal structural motifs of organic chemistry.  Lab included.  The course requires successful completion of Chem& 163 (General Chemistry III w/Lab) as a prerequisite


    • I have decided not to post grades, owing to the small class size and the fact they will be available to you tomorrow.  Suffice it to say everyone passed, some with flying colors!


    • Have a restful, well-deserved holiday break.  This having been said, chapter 8 awaits!